Find the Superhero in YOU! Science Show with Jim Lenz

General Description: Yes, there are everyday heroes that we think of...such as law enforcement officers, individuals who serve in our military, firefighters, doctors and nurses, teachers and librarians, and of course our parents...but participants of the show will learn what it means to be our own hero!


International Entertainer and Presenter Jim Lenz, The Magic and Science Guy, will wow you with his combination of story presentation, exciting science demonstrations, and amazing feats of magic! Lenz was awarded the Washington County Heroism Award for his acts of bravery as he rescued a man who fell through icy waters 30 feet deep! Much of what made the story a happy ending was due to his understanding of science concepts and relationships! He will share his story and make connections with the audience by taking you on a journey of fun and engaging science exercises, listening games, and magical surprises! Many kids will be selected from the audience to feel like real super heroes as they perform amazing stunts and tricks! The show will be a great opportunity for kids to understand the importance of reading in their lives and what it means to be a good listener. But most importantly, it will inspire kids to want to be their own hero!



Further Show Insight: The science components will be physical science demonstrations related to forces, surface area, and pressure. Knowledge of these science concepts were key to Jim saving the life of an accident victim. Audience volunteers will be a part of some cleverly designed and fun science demonstrations. Jim will actually lie on a bed of nails near the end of the show as a culmination of the previously performed science demonstrations. The show contains some light hearted listening exercises that involve the entire audience. Jim will make a connection between the listening activities during the show, the importance of listening during the real-life rescue operation in which he was involved, and the importance of listening to be a hero. The show also contains some amazing stunts and tricks to help reinforce the concept of a hero, identifying heroes in our lives, and to reinforce the show be your own Superhero!


Free family entertainment

Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - 6:30pm to 7:15pm